After months of living in the shadow of the emerging virus that has swept the world, infected more than 7 million people, New Zealand declared its profit the battle against this pandemic.

On Monday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern assured that all measures related to the Coruna virus would be lifted starting on Tuesday, with the exception of border closure restrictions after the virus was eliminated.

She added at a press conference that New Zealand will move to the first level of state of alert from midnight on Monday.

It also announced that if public and private events and celebrations can be held without restrictions, the retail and hotel sectors can work normally and all public transportation can be resumed.

Earlier today, the New Zealand Ministry of Health announced in a statement that the country had not registered active cases of "Covid-19" in the country for the first time since February 28. The director of health, Ashley Bloomfield, said in a statement that the last person has now emerged from isolation after the symptoms disappeared.

And while the South Pacific country of nearly five million people has managed to eradicate the epidemic, major economies such as Brazil, Britain, India and the United States are suffering from the virus.

This is largely due to the imposition of restrictions for 75 days, including about seven weeks of strict public isolation, which saw most business activities closed and everyone, except those working in essential jobs, had to keep their homes.

While the total number of cases is 1154 and 22 deaths, which is a low figure compared to many countries around the world.

It is noteworthy that several countries began to ease isolation restrictions imposed for months in order to prevent the spread of the emerging virus, while the epidemic continues to record new infections.

At least 400,581 people have died so far since it appeared in China in December, according to a census conducted by AFP on Sunday at 19:00 GMT, according to official sources.

With more than 6,949,890 cases confirmed in 196 countries and regions, at least 3,030,800 have recovered from these cases.