New Zealand plans to launch a second national airline

New Zealand plans to launch a second national airline as part of its plan to "reinforce its position as a global logistics hub". According to international news agencies and newspapers.

In this context, the New Zealand newspapers quoted an official source as saying during the presentation of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy that the strategy aims to make New Zealand the fifth largest country in the world in terms of air traffic, in addition to increasing the number of destinations to more than 250 international destinations; And the launch of a new national carrier.

In this context, he added, this strategy also aims to "increase the capacity of the air cargo industry by doubling its capacity to reach 4.5 million tons." Al-Khalaf did not specify the date of the announcement of the new company.

Air New Zealand, the national carrier of New Zealand, has been losing ground for years and is facing increasing competition from regional airlines such as Air Australia, which has a wider network.

New Zealand is pursuing an ambitious investment program as part of its efforts to diversify its economy, which is mainly dependent on many industries, in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus crisis, in order to get out of that current crisis.

According to Bloomberg News, New Zealand plans to build a new airport in the coming period, where the new airline will be stationed, to accommodate foreign tourists and businessmen.