Stabilization ended without infection with the Corona Covid 19 virus in New Zealand, which declared that it was free of any infections since no new case emerged, except today, Tuesday, after it became clear that two women had arrived from Britain to visit her father, who was dying of complications from the virus.

The new cases discovered in New Zealand today, Tuesday, are a setback to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement last week that she would defeat the epidemic after imposing one of the country's harshest closures, at the expense of a deeper economic hit than Australia.

Today, Jordan has stepped up New Zealand's strict border closures that only allow citizens and residents, and blamed officials dealing with the two new cases for not enforcing quarantine rules for new arrivals.

The two new cases emerged as China - another country that declared it had defeated the virus - was fighting a new outbreak in Beijing, highlighting the challenges faced by many countries as it pressed ahead with loosening restrictions to revive its economies.

The two women from Britain landed in New Zealand on June 7 and received special permission to leave the quarantine six days later, to grieve over a relative dying.

They were tested in Wellington yesterday, as part of their agreed self-isolation plan - although one of them later realized she had symptoms of Covid 19 earlier.

The results are back positive today, a week after New Zealand has removed nearly all restrictions of closure when the number of active cases has fallen to zero.

Passengers on their connecting flight from Brisbane and staff at the Isolation Hotel in Auckland are being tracked as officials try to prevent a new outbreak of the epidemic threatening the world.

And Jordan announced last week that New Zealand had "eliminated" the transmission of the virus inside New Zealand, and the Prime Minister's popularity had increased in recent weeks after the country came out of the closure with only 1,504 cases and 22 deaths.

However, today's news shows that New Zealand remains vulnerable to positive cases from abroad despite border controls, which are likely to remain in place "for a long time" to prevent a new increase in cases.

Tourism usually brings in $ 40 billion annually and accounts for about six percent of the New Zealand economy, which is expected to contract by up to 8.9 percent this year compared to a 5.0 percent drop in Australia.