Solar cars
Solar cars

South Africa is the country with the highest harmful emissions among the global G20, and therefore it is trying hard to find solutions to reduce these emissions.

Therefore, the country of South Africa aims to reduce its emissions by 30%, and when it relies on electric cars like the rest of the world, it found that it urgently needs electricity in the development process, so it turned to photovoltaic energy, which found a solution to the problem.

A report issued by the newspaper "The Conversation" revealed that the "ESCOM" coal-fired power plant in South Africa alone exports half a trillion kilograms of carbon dioxide; What makes the use of electric cars an additional pollutant and not an environmental solution.

A South African study, published in the Journal of Sustainable Development Energy, proposed a solution to charging electric cars with solar power generators, making them not dependent on the electricity grid funded by coal energy.

 Thus, by relying on solar energy generators, the heat emissions caused by oil and coal will be reduced simultaneously, while providing electricity to homes instead of wasting it in charging cars.

The study stated that given that charging cars with electricity is less expensive than supplying them with gasoline, charging a car with photovoltaic energy is equivalent to half the cost of charging it with electricity.