A car that causes terror among the Australian people and the government warns of the spread of infection because of this car. Follow the details of the news

A BMW car carrying the "Covid 19" numbering plate has turned into a news article in Australia, according to Yahoo.

The car raised questions whether it was carrying this plate before or after the Corona pandemic.

The car had been parked in the garage at Adelaide Airport for several months, according to worker Stephen Spree, who had sent a picture of the car and its license plate to ABC Radio Adelaide, according to the website.

Sprii added that airport staff were sure that the car had been in the car park since last March, but it was possible that she had been there since February or perhaps before that.

The circulation of the name Covid 19 to describe the emerging corona virus did not begin until mid-February, that is, a month before the name was officially adopted by the World Health Organization in March.

The website said that the camera footage showed the car on the streets of the city.

Since the virus first appeared in China, car number plates with names including "Wuhan" and "Virus" have appeared throughout Australia.

The emerging coronavirus has killed at least 584,355 people since it appeared in China in December.