today The Cabinet issues 6 decisions today to return work for all citizens and expatriates

The Ministry of Interior announced that work will return to service centers from Tuesday 6/30/2020 from 9 am to 1 pm.

The ministry said through its official account on "Twitter": "In compliance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the safe return to normal life in gradual stages, and in continuation of the efforts made by the ministry to reduce the spread of Corona" the epidemic, and to maintain the safety of citizens and residents, the work will be returned to the General Public Administration For service centers and advertised centers ».

The General Administration of Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior confirmed citizens' attendance at citizen service centers.

Adhere to preventive health instructions and apply social difference with adherence to the mask when examining service centers.

The administration also indicated that the review of service centers will be based on a prior appointment that will be booked "online", with appointments starting from Sunday 28/6/2020 through the appointment platform on the website of the Ministry of Interior.

The administration explained that there are no printing services for the required documents, and that all services and forms are done electronically with the receptionist, provided that the reception staff is limited to the following transactions:

1 Residence transactions for domestic workers according to Article (20), which include:
- The residence status for the first time in relation to the entry characteristics that entered the country and the requirements for the residence status have been met.
Transfer of residence from one sponsor to another.
- Notices of absence

2- Traffic transactions:
- Issuance of market licenses for the first time for driving test practitioners
- Issuance of a driving model for citizens - Renewal of market licenses
- Issuance of a driving model for domestic workers Article (20) Driver size 0%
- Renewal of vehicle book
- Transfer of vehicle ownership
- Traffic traffic violations

3 - Treatment of enforcement of judgments.