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Civil Service

The Civil Service Bureau clarifies the decision issued regarding the appointment of late appointments to the medical and nursing cadres of the Bidun category

A source familiar with the health sector expressed regret for what he described as a "slowdown and intransigence" of the Civil Service Bureau to end the procedures for appointing medical and nursing cadres from the "Bidoon" category at the Ministry of Health within the second batch. To be assigned.

The source said to the "policy": Despite repeated promises by the office to resolve the matter and end the procedures for appointing members of the group, the case is still in place, stressing that this slowdown comes despite the urgent need for more cadres to face the spread of the Corona epidemic.

He stressed that the delay will cast a shadow on the ability of the Ministry of Health to deal with the increasing number of injuries, and may delay the opening of some already ready health centers, as well as shelters for "health quarries", especially the Ministry of Health in connection with opening more clinics and medical points in Kuwait airport and border centers during the month Next.

The source emphasized that the office has no justification for delaying the procedures, especially that the applicants to work meet the requirements and carry the qualifications of the most prestigious universities abroad, calling on the cabinet to intervene to push the office to expedite the decision. Order and decide on appointment requests without delay.

In the same health file, the source suggested ending "isolation" in the Farwaniya area early next week, while he expected it to continue in Jleeb and Mahboula, stressing that the restrictions will not be lifted from the two regions before the Eid al-Adha holiday, unless new developments occur within the next two weeks.

He explained in the file of the implementation of the government's plan to restore life to normal, that the extension of work in the requirements of the first stage and the postponement of the transition to the second stage came for two reasons, the first of which is the increase in infection rates among Kuwaitis - according to what the government announced during the press conference held last Thursday - and the second relates to not Most ministries and government agencies have finalized a mechanism to book advance appointments via the Internet to review government agencies, primarily for technical reasons.

He explained that the numbers of this mechanism is one of the important conditions for the transition to the second stage, noting that if the Cabinet reports the willingness of all institutions and bodies to work with a mechanism to receive the auditors by pre-booking electronically, it will announce the transition to the next stage.