Troubled families and small businesses in Australia will get additional support to help them overcome the financial troubles caused by the Corona virus.

Australian Prime Ministers have agreed to create a "crisis payments" fund to cover some of the water costs and energy bills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision was taken Thursday night during the National Cabinet meeting and payments will be automatically available to individuals and companies who are eligible for job retention assistance within the JobKeeper program.

The new package aims to support struggling Australians who may face power or water cuts due to the inability to pay bills.

The new financing will help Australians by offering flexible payment options, rather than separating or restricting energy and water services and by postponing debt recovery procedures, waiving late fees and interest on late bills, not cutting services to vital businesses and providing as much time as possible for repayment Before the service is interrupted.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that state and territory governments would work with the energy sector to implement the changes. He added that the plan is an essential means to keep the economy running during great financial pressures.

"Those who can continue to pay their bills need to continue to do so - this is critical to ensuring the continuity of essential service providers. But we need to ensure that there is an adequate safety net for those who are under financial stress. These are very difficult times. Essential service providers need to work with governments to provide the support that the Australian people need. ”