Australian Government has closed today Bondi Beach today Sydney.

Imam his pioneers in an attempt to contain the virus Corona, which exceeded the outcome of infected persons in Astralia thousand people.
The rescuers intentionally vacated the beach from its visitors, as the police closed its entrances and closed a number of swimming pools in the city, according to "France 24".
The authorities took interim measure after the spread on the Internet images show crowds of the pioneers of the sea on the beach, sparking disapproval directed at the media and the officials who had banned gatherings of unnecessary outdoor that the number of participants over the 500 people.
In the meantime, the state of "Northern Territory" (Northern Territories) announced that it will close its borders for the coming week, and it will be imposed on those who come from Minaqat of Minaq.
The death toll from those infected with coronavirus, which had arisen in Astralia, increased to 1 068 people, including ten Americans, who were placed in the "Southern Sanctuary" (Australia). The new coronavirus is Astralia.