important applications for Kuwaiti citizens
important applications for Kuwaiti citizens

The most important applications for Kuwaiti citizens and residents to end all government services from home that facilitate and complete all online operations

In these circumstances that the country is going through and which suffers a lot from not completing transactions due to the new Corona virus, all government work platforms work on issuing applications that help everyone in completing transactions via applications

Proceeding from the keenness of the Ministry of Interior in the State of Kuwait to improve and raise the level of services provided to the public, and its belief in the necessity of keeping pace with the huge technological development in the field of smart phones and the importance of the role of this technology in simplifying services and delivering them quickly and smart to users.

The Ministry of Interior has developed the second phase of implementation, "The Ministry of Interior - Kuwait". As the general form of the application was developed in a manner commensurate with the development in the field of smart devices technology, and many services of interest to the user have been added taking into account the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of personal data for users, by adopting a system of protection and confidentiality so that the user can use this application And benefit from the services of the Ministry of Interior through his smartphone in a confidential and safe manner.

It was among these important applications that are issued through the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance and all government ministries to contribute to alleviating the suffering of citizens and residents.

The most important applications


My identity application

It is a service provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information for citizens and residents of the State of Kuwait and represents a secure digital identity that can be used as follows

  • A civil digital card used to verify the identity of its holder
  • Authentication and secure access to governmental and non-governmental electronic services
  • The approved electronic signature for transactions, documents and electronic documents


Secondly :

Ministry of Interior application

One of the most important services that have been added at this stage is the Help Me Service, which enables the user to get help in an emergency quickly by just pressing the Help Me button. As well as the service of notifications, which includes special notices where reminders and alerts are sent to the registered users of the application with the expiry dates of their supporting documents.

This is in addition to many other services and benefits, which we summarize as follows:

Inquiry service (this service is for registered applicants only)

Personal Inquiry

Through this service, the user can inquire about his personal data by creating his own user name that he uses to inquire about the following data:

  • Passport data
  • Electoral registration data for Kuwaitis
  • Warranty data
  • Residence data for non-Kuwaitis
  • Visa data
  • Driving licenses data
  • Vehicle licenses
  • Traffic violation details
  • Travel ban data
  • Judgment Enforcement Data (Traffic Provisions)
  • Weapon licenses

A- Inquiring about related persons

(The children’s passports are less than 18 and the sponsored information is for the user)

Online payment service for violations

This service has been redeveloped to enable registrants to pay their violations in an easy, fast and safe way.

Notification service

A- Special notices (for registered users only)

This service enables those registered with the application to obtain reminders and alerts from the system

With the expiry dates of their documents (passports, residencies, visas, market licenses, licenses)

Vehicles, warranties), and a notice will be sent to the user when registering the violation.

B- General notices (no registration required)

This service is for announcements and notices of the General Administration of Relations and Security Media to communicate with the public by sending general messages and notices of interest to users.

Ministry of Interior centers locations

This service helps in identifying the locations of the Ministry of Interior departments, stations and service centers and their working hours, in addition to determining the nearest path to reach them.

 Help Me Service (This service needs registration when it is used for the first time)

This service enables the user to get help in an emergency quickly by pressing the help button.

Important note: When you use this service, your personal data will be sent to the competent authority (Central Operations Department) to deal with your appeal quickly.

As for some emergency situations that require the use of the service before logging in, the distress will be sent along with the personal data of the last user who logged in on the application by that mobile phone to the central general management of operations.

Profile service

This service enables the registrant in the service to view and amend his personal data, and also enables him to change the password

 How to complete your transactions

This service provides an explanation of how to complete the transactions in the ministry with specifying the required documents.

The visa application status inquiry service

Complaints registration service and inquire about what has been taken in relation to it (registered with the application only)

Interior News

Safety and Operations Phones

Frequently asked questions service

Other services

The ability to subscribe to the SMS service

- Search feature

- Share feature with other media.

Kuwait educational portal application

Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Education in the State of Kuwait to keep abreast of development and advancement in the educational process, the Ministry launched the application of the Kuwait Educational Portal, which is a pioneering educational project that employs modern technology in the service of the educational process, in which the student is the primary axis.

The educational portal of Kuwait application provides a set of various services for students, teachers and parents