Today, the New Zealand government announced, a few minutes ago, a spokesman for the New Zealand Ministry of the Interior, that registration is exceptionally available to all nationalities on the New Zealand Ministry of Interior website so that everyone can return to their home countries again.

As it was recently launched by the New Zealand government, for those expatriates who hold an "exit and return, final, visit visa of all kinds, and tourist visa) from air travel to their countries, through submitting requests to return to their countries electronically through the platform of the New Zealand Ministry of Interior.

On the other hand, the official New Zealand newspapers "New Zealand News" stated that this initiative can be benefited from by entering on the icon from the official "New Zealand Ministry of Interior" platform for electronic services, and filling the following fields: (residence number - birth date - mobile number - departure city - Arrival airport), indicating that it is not necessary for the service to have an account for the beneficiary in (platform), in order to facilitate the residents to benefit from the initiative.

On the other hand, the New Zealand Ministry of the Interior has just confirmed that the beneficiaries' departure will be through the following airports: (Doha International Airport) after the approval of the countries to allow their citizens to be received.

In the following it is mentioned that this initiative is carried out in cooperation with a number of government agencies, namely (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in New Zealand, the National Information Center, the General Authority of Civil Aviation, and airlines) in addition to the security sectors (Public Security Directorate, Directorate General of Passports, General Directorate of Prisons, and General Administration for Expatriate Affairs, Ministry of Interior).