New Zealand, which has received international acclaim for its administration to combat the outbreak of the new Corona virus, expects to permanently eradicate the epidemic within its territory by June 15, the Ministry of Health said Thursday.

New Zealand recorded its last Covid-19 infection on May 22, and had a person connected to a specific outbreak, and today is the 13th in a row without monitoring new cases of coronavirus.
On May 27, doctors granted permission to leave for the last patient hospitalized with the disease, and only one patient remains isolated, according to the latest report released Thursday.

Since the epidemic reached its lands, New Zealand has recorded 1,154 Covid-19 cases, of whom 22 have died.

"New Zealand is in an enviable position by many countries," Health Director General Ashley Bloomfield said at a press conference in Wellington Thursday, while stressing the need to keep precautionary measures while the epidemic continues to spiral out of control in other countries of the world.

The country declared the highest alert against the epidemic in late April, in a measure that included strict incarceration and the cessation of all economic activities.

As of next Monday, the government may announce the move to the last stage of lifting restrictions, although it will keep its borders closed until further notice.