To confront the Corona virus ... New Zealand abandons the goal of vaccination and sets a new strategy

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today (Wednesday) that her country will change the way it deals with the Corona virus pandemic next December, according to the German news agency.

Last October, Ardern said the coronavirus response would be relaxed due to a full vaccination as 90% of the population in each district had received two doses of the virus.

However, the entire country will now move to a new strategy for dealing with Covid-19 in early December, regardless of vaccination rates.

Ardern said New Zealand's eradication strategy has worked well, but the epidemic has progressed.

"Elimination of the disease was not intended to be a permanent strategy," he added. In time we saw its limits.

He continued, "Almost no country has escaped the delta-mutated strain of the virus, and New Zealand is no exception. "But we can be an exception, with our ability to reduce infection with the virus and protect our people from it."