Toyota Corporation in Brazil
Toyota Corporation in Brazil

Japanese car maker Toyota Motors revealed this morning that it had decided to suspend production at its factories in Brazil until at least June 22, in order to join the American company General Motors, which also expects to resume production in the same month.

In a related context, the production of most of the auto manufacturers in Brazil, which is the largest auto producer in the South American region, is currently suspended due to the Corona virus crisis.

In that regard, no major manufacturers in Brazil, such as the Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen, have yet to announce the date for the resumption of production, according to a question source.

On the other hand, the Japanese company "Toyota Motors" has suspended almost production since mid-March in France, Britain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey and Portugal.

On the other hand, the Japanese company had already stopped production in all of North America, with the spread of the Corona virus, which caused the "Covid 19" epidemic.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced this morning that it has registered a record number of new infections with the Corona virus, amounting to 10503 during the past 24 hours, in addition to 615 deaths in the highest index as well.

And Russia Today channel revealed that the number of corona cases in the country increased to 125,218 injuries and 8,536 deaths.

The latest figures reveal that new infections increased by 9.2% during the past day, while deaths increased by 7.8%.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, which the office of the spokesperson for Brazil's President, Javier Bolsonaro, confirmed that tests had confirmed the spokesperson, Otavio de Rego Barros, with the emerging coronavirus.