A man asked Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to get out of his garden while making a press release on the air.

The Australian Prime Minister was shocked for a moment when he heard the voice of a man asking him to get out of his newly planted garden, while announcing a government stimulus package in light of the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus.

The farmer asked the prime minister and journalists to get out of his garden for fear of destroying the newly planted herbs, which caused a funny situation recorded by the cameras' lenses, according to the Reuters news agency.
Remarkably, the Prime Minister received the citizen’s request with openness, and asked reporters to stay away from the garden of the house, and he went back, to complete his remarks again.

Morrison traveled to a new home construction site 28 km south of Canberra to announce that his government will spend approximately A $ 700 million ($ 480 million) to support the construction sector hard hit by the coronary pandemic.

"Sorry, dear," Morrison told the homeowner, to let the man send a hand of admiration to the prime minister and to the audience, saying, "Everything is fine," according to the video footage depicting the incident.

The Australian economy is facing the most difficult recession in nearly three decades, despite the government pumping billions of dollars to support it.